Who We Are

Web Boutique is aimed at the smaller businesses in need of Websites that were previously unaffordable. A fully optimized website is a must for all businesses and until now the price has been out of reach for the average small business owner.

For years it has been my passion to be able to provide web services to enable business owners to access the right marketplace to expose their business without it costing a fortune. Now with Web Boutique, you will be in a position to reach the right target market with a stunning website linked to any and all social platforms you wish.

Although we are a young company, building websites have been something we have done for years in our personal capacities for our own businesses and those of friends. The need to be able to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of very reasonable prices to enable them to give their business exposure is why Web Boutique is here today.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the best site for the lowest price.

Advertising Advice

Web Boutique will recommend and show you the most effective ways to market your business using your website linked to various social media


We will ensure that the Search Engine Optimisation on your website gives you the very best results when customers are looking for your services.

Personal Service

You will receive my personal attention and services for building your website. I understand the needs of a small business owner, I have been there!

About Me

I have been self-employed for the last 30 years as a small business owner in various sales sectors. Through the years I learned the value of websites and how they improved my business. The one stumbling block was the cost for the “luxury” of having a website.

After years of paying web developers astronomical amounts of money to build my websites and implement any changes or updates, I decided that I would learn to build websites and started with the rebuilding of my company site. This journey showed that I actually had a flair for creating a great website and ignited my passion to become good at building sites.

In turn, I decided to create Web Boutique in order to offer small business owners the exposure they need to increase their business just as mine had done. Our very reasonable rates now give everyone the opportunity to benefit from what is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any business.

No matter whether you are a one-man show or have one branch office with a few staff you will now be able to enjoy the services of someone who understands your needs to grow your business and use the internet to do so.

Vivienne Budge


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