It is imperative to have a website for your business. Social Media alone is not enough in the competitive markets today. A website that is well developed, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing is a site that keeps your customer interested in looking for more information on your services. WebBoutique can do this for you!

It is no longer necessary to go without a website which, with the best SEO and links to social media, will drive traffic to your site. Historically websites were extremely expensive and hosting companies would charge astronomical amounts for the smallest amendments necessary to keep your site updated. Now with Web Boutique and our great inexpensive professionally built websites, you will see an increase in your business as you reach the audience who need your services.

Without a Website, you’re INVISIBLE! The reality is if potential customers can’t find you online, they will find someone who is!

About Us

The Web Boutique is aimed at the smaller businesses in need of Websites that were previously unaffordable. A fully optimized website is a must for all businesses and until now the price has been out of reach for the average small business owner…

Our Services

Full services include :

Branding – SEO – Development – Content Strategy – Development and Business Consulting.

Work with a team of talented and passionate designers….



We offer 3 fixed pricing packages as well as customized sites that may exceed your requirements.

The choice is here to make your website suit your business to a T …

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We are just an email or call away. Our office hours are 09h00 to 17h00 Monday to Saturday.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, however, we do our level best to ensure your uptime never falters….